Magery is the art to cast Spells, Curse enemies, Bless allies, Summon powerfull creatures or polymorph yourself into them. There are 8 Cycles of Spells in Forgotten World, to use the spells of each cycle you need Cycle x 10% Magery. For example: a Spell of Cycle 7 takes 70% Magery to be cast. Summon Creature and Polymorph works a litle diferent, since those spells can Summon/Polymorph many different creatures they take different amounts of Skill to be casted.

Summon Creature

Creature Skill
Rabbit Magery=10.0 , Meditation=10.0
Serpent Magery=15.0 , Meditation=15.0
Chicken Magery=25.0 , Meditation=25.0
Large Deer Magery=25.0 , Meditation=25.0
Deer Magery=25.0 , Meditation=25.0
Dog Magery=25.0 , Meditation=25.0
Alligator Magery=25.0 , Meditation=25.0
Grizzly Bear Magery=25.0 , Meditation=25.0
Horse Magery=25.0 , Meditation=25.0
Large Rat Magery=25.0 , Meditation=25.0
Brown Bear Magery=40.0 , Meditation=40.0


Creature Skill
Chicken Magery=30.0, Evaluating Intelligence=30.0
Dog Magery=50.0, Evaluating Intelligence=50.0
Giant Serpant Magery=50.0, Evaluating Intelligence=50.0
Daemon Magery=75.0, Evaluating Intelligence=75.0
Dragon Magery=88.0, Evaluat. Intel.=88.0, Magic Resist.=88.0